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Hispanic Heritage Day at Diamondbacks: The tradition continues

By Jose Romero - Oct 03, 2015

PHOENIX -- I can't say that I know much if anything about Luis Coronel, but he seems pretty popular with the youngsters. 

The "Los Dbacks" soccer jerseys? Gone an hour before first pitch. All 10,000 given away to fans. 

The crowd? 37,687, one of the best of the season for the Arizona Diamondbacks. 

And of course, the requisite mariachis, folklorico dancers, salsa/cumbia band, taco trucks and the annual "Los Dbacks" jerseys. On a day where so much could be contrived and over-the-top, the Diamondbacks do it right. They care about their Latino fans, and are correct in doing so. 

We have come to enjoy Hispanic Heritage celebration day every time it comes around for Diamondbacks baseball. It so happened to arrive the day before the end of the regular season, in a season that did not lead to the playoffs for Arizona, but the Diamondbacks had a chance to put a crimp in the Houston Astro's hopes on Saturday. 

The Astros, however, played like they wanted to make the postseason. The vertically challenged but mighty Jose Altuve homered, as did Colby Rasmus (two bombs), and Jason Castro singled in a run in a 6-2 win over Arizona. The Astros maintained a one-game lead over the L.A. Angels for the American League's second wild card spot, setting up a dramatic Sunday on which the Astros could be "poppin' the cham-piz-aigne," as Latino rapper Slow Pain once said. 

UPDATE: 11:55 p.m. PT - just noticed that the Astros were wearing "Los Astros" jerseys. Outstanding! 

There were at least a few bright spots for the Diamondbacks.

1. Smart move on the soccer jersey. Good crossover item for folks who like both sports, as many in this community do. And Diamondbacks players took time before the game to go out to the street festival and sign autographs. 

2. A guy who took a foul ball to his face returned and caught a pop fly from a pitching machine, and earned himself a gift care. 

3. Luis Coronel must have been a big hit last year, because he came back this year for a postgame concert. 

4. Socrates Brito, featured on this site recently, threw out a runner trying to go from first to third base, from right field no less, and hit a double. 

5. Sunday is going to be fun at the ballpark. These are two young and exciting teams, and Houston has a chance to go from 70-92 last season to 87 wins. Arizona is looking ahead to what they feel will be a more successful 2016. 







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